This page is my little effort to explain how I installed DC2 Integra Type R front and rear seats into a 6th generation EK Civic hatchback.

Necessary Items:

Front Seats

The Integra seats rails will not bolt into the Civic. There is a very simple way around this problem. The seat rails from Civic seats can be used with the Integra seats. Each set of rails have two parts. There is the part that bolts to the floor of the car then that part that bolts into the bottom of the seat. The part that bolts to the floor of the car is that part that must be exchanged. The Integra rail slides off and the Civic rail will slide right on. Then the seats will bolt right down.

Rear Seats

The cushion for the back seats does not bolt down like the Civic cushion did. There are two tabs on the bottom of the seat that snap into two holes in the chassis. That holds the cushion in place quite well. The seat belt buckles also help to keep the seat cushion down. Unbolt the seat buckles and middle belt, put the Integra cushion in, then bolt them down again. The middle seat belt will no longer be necessary, just chuck it along with the middle buckle. There will be gaps on either side of the cushion and between the seat back and the cushion but it is nothing extremely noticeable. I do not find it aesthetically displeasing.

The above picture shows one of the tabs on the bottom of the seat cushion and the hole it snaps into.
The above picture shows the slight gap between the seat cushion and the seat backs.

The more difficult part is getting the seat backs in. The stock Civic seats had metal pegs on each side of the two seats backs. The Integra seat backs only have the pegs on the sides that go next to the sides of the car. These pegs are also wider in diameter than the Civic pegs. You need to drill out the holes on the sides of the car so that the Integra seat pegs fit into the holes. Once they are wide enough the seats backs should be able to fit into the car. You just stick the pegs into the holes and click the seat backs into the clips (you know those spots where you can release the seat back so they fold down...). I also placed a metal rod about 4 inches in length through the middle of the seat backs. They look fine and still serve their function with no problem. If you want to swap your stock interior back in you can do so anytime. To replace the side brackets for the stock seat backs only a couple nuts are needed. The nuts are placed on the backside of the side holes so that the stock seat brackets bolt back in.

The above picture shows the peg on the side of the Integra seat back.
The above picture shows one of the holes that needs to be drilled out to fit the Integra seat peg.

Another method people have used to install the rear seats is to remove the apholstry from both the stock seats and integra seats. The integra apholstry goes onto the stock civic seat frames and then everything else gets chucked.