This section contains information on converting the US DC2 Integra front end to the Japanese Spec (JDM) front end.

Some of the information below refers to a lighting diagram. The link to the diagram is below:
Lighting Diagram

Since the JDM front end did not come with a wiring harnes, so it was necessary to figure out the pin out of the plugs for the lighting ballasts and construct a harness. My JDM front end had the high intensity discharge (HID) lights. The diagram is a drawn from the perspective of the back of each plug. The colors listed are the colors used for the wires (you can use whatever colors you want).

The location of the fuse listed in the diagram is the fuse for the fog lights. The fog lights will need a separate switch. In my car a switch was installed in the middle console between the driver's seat and passenger seat. The fuse needs to allow more current to flow than the others or else it will constantly blow. A fuse which allows for 25 amps of current is ideal.

The JDM front end conversion does not come with a hood latch. The stock US front end latch did not seem to work (although I have been told some people have managed to use it by turning it around). On my front end a hood latch from a second generation Integra was used. It worked perfectly. The JDM front end is also slightly longer than the US front end. Therefore the hood latch cable will not reach if placed in its original location. My cable was rerouted through the engine bay. There was over a foot of cable left over after that. It worked out just fine.